indifferent fantasy, the dream

she opened up to me, and she opened up to me. i expected flow’ering of love and such but instead got words of foul stench and fuck fuck fuck dirrrrty disgust. that made me harder and made me grin with a smeared red and rotten mouth.

the next morning i woke wrapped in stained sheets and stained but indifferent memory. she brought me breakfast with welt marks on her ass and rope burns on her wrists

, but she kissed me gently and strummed her fingers on my bare chest as i ate. she told me she loved me. that made me harder and made me grin with a greased butter and bacon mouth.


42 and counting

trumpets and sexophones, swilling this humid air
we are drugged by sweat on skin in the mid afternoon
i wanted to run but could not
i wanted to write but could not
i wanted to
and we did, and your voice
brings me back to bed, again

second coming forthcoming

tonight’s orangeness bleeds
into corners where shadows keep company
with strange bedfellows. former knowing eyes
have been deceived
by hex & triplet. my light,
my litany,
my prayer for lions,
for Vader,
for techno Jehan,
is 26 miles long.

(leather strap and lover slap)

grass is a less envious but more
jealous shade
of green. passed over for a feast of friends
and deliciousness of never
another first electric taste.

close your eyes and forget
everything i said
close your eyes and eat
me, under the clothed table all the while
you touch,
your shaven (mine) milky way. Divine,
my new litany, your liturgy; don’t
stop, don’t
stop, don’t
dare to liberate for sake of fading
hope comes

(with a gush of love
drink deeply.
look into my eyes, see mine,
my waiting first
kiss, to come)

blood for vodka

bloated stink around the quiet
but for invitation, proposition
twelve year’s tails, sixteen’s boots, and black lips
another eight years to tunnel end, dank


walls, cement scratching flickers in the dark
chill and she, blows my blood
tomb’s cold despite her warmth

(my cock)

smoking me for twenty
and stolen vodka
snarling head back, hands curl
sweet Jesus sticky deep
nothing hurts, numb throat

(empty gag)

an angel for a moment
wet with smiling smear
unscrew and wash down payment
red in forgotten, calloused places


raged regret Jekyll grows
wrapped in disgust, I spit
over downcast eyes
filthy whore, you made me do it
you tease me, laugh and leave

(run home)


your lips
. . . softly tender kiss
your lips
. . . parting freely bliss
your lips
. . . autumn merlot red
your lips
. . . draw me to your bed
your lips
. . . whisper soft my name
your lips
. . . stoke my building flame
your lips
. . . warm and wet with sin
your lips
. . . drink my hardness in
your lips
. . . play a tune with mine
your lips
. . . nectar from the vine
your lips
. . . sigh with sweet delight
your lips
. . . making lovers bite
your lips
. . . lipstick leaves a trail
your lips
. . . open to exhale


I’m coming for you
I’ll steal you
kidnap you
lock you inside
in my room, handcuffed
and blindfolded

I’ll do all sorts
of wicked things to you
I’ll teach you things
what it’s like to be
by a man, by me

I’ll allow you to speak
to tell me
what you desire
what you want me
to do
to you, and you
to me

fuck me

I spank you, pull
your hair, bite
your breast
as you wish
as you’ve told me
this day

I will untie you, unbind you
so we can be free
and leave the hotel
for romantic midnight strolls
morning coffee
and naked dancing
beneath the thunderstorm

the rest of our time
we make love
tender, gentle
feel my weight over and
overwhelm you

sit on my lap, you
kiss my lips
we are
in love

I’m coming for you