any night

willed into the blustering
cold and wet night
i ran with a wheezing
heart and straining stride

alone in the crowds of hissing
cars and dazzling lights

i ran faster, and free



there was rain all the night and i woke
at a quarter past somethin’
with memories of a dream
and i tossed and turned and you
(tossed and turned)
me over and over
until the rain blew in and the sheets
were wet, and we lay in the bliss
of the morning

rain peace

i heard the lazy hiss of homemade hamburgers on the barbeque. it was nice.

i also heard the hiss of cars on the wet road. i sat and listened through the open window. i liked it a lot.
it ground me to here,
to this softly smileworthy place,
a simple kinda place that feels like home, within a home,
within my aloneself, at peace.


twelve years her junior, he led her beyond the stairs.
does anyone dance in the rain alone?
his garnet breath had coloured her mahogany lips, and freed her inhibitions.
(hold me tighter)
the rain, the stars, and their eyes; lit up.
she forgot everything that never should have mattered,
and remembered how to glisten again.

mystery girl

did I tell you how we met
in a famous day
by the forest edge?

the rain glistened on our skin
we danced
like silly children

I see her
a welcome nothing of substance
sigh across the wire
she sees me
like no-one

did I tell you how we fell
in love by chance
a simple day in Athens?

I see hurt in her
I see her looking inwards
for relief
she forgets we are friends

and I love her


I sit, soft and warm, woollen head and resting
Seven sits opposite, writing and enthused, she glows
Softly strong light, filters through the room
Clothed now, my love passes, but memory of breast beats by
Rain blows and swirls in night’s repelled collapse
And here, in her compelling shelter, I swim
One’s world in all glory’s familiar

midday beat

Feed a rhythm proud to march
how boasting cadence treads to higher ground
more fiendish arms twisted when alone
switch and vary to avoid the fear, the
Pound on dear heart vessels flow
smooth as silken rivers red
thoughts drive the hours passing
trip not stumble distraction left
rounding the end, the bend
feather blanket of softly falling
cooling, blowing, coating, quench
welcome sight and coat on
drives me home on leaden legs
pacing past not fast but now I’m