any night

willed into the blustering
cold and wet night
i ran with a wheezing
heart and straining stride

alone in the crowds of hissing
cars and dazzling lights

i ran faster, and free


fuckyou starless night

i stepped out into cold
night air whipped and chilled bones and reminded me that i have a soul
i took off my shoes and the soft sand became hard
against my sole’s skin
this auditorium was curtained by cloud, and night,
and my eyes were wet and rain sighed against my face
the wash’s white fingers teased my toes
and i said fuck you
there were no stars except those on the city’s horizon
and we shared reflection on the water’s retreat
and i said fuck you
pushing the cold out through my skin and i am
warm now walking
in calm’s shadow, but with a new peace
walking alone, but everything but

doppel’s crew

tonight is a virgin, bereft
of sensibility, aching on all walls,
the streets lined and dripping
with ochre blood.  we dance and drink
with forgotten stupor motion sick,
rubbing against the grains.

there’s a rabble, acquainted
by fire and brothers, and yet
i’m detached.  i alone view
from two, in the passage
of the breeze and circumstance,
my straight line and me.

in coma lay quiet, to peace,
my friend at my side.
he won’t scream with the party
people.  he won’t cry, another
lonely night as me, for losing
or never being enough.

untitled verse

cooled by it’s dawn
the blackness brings life
one by one and all
they disappear from my night

my essence flow is fed by beat
and a swathe of ice
breath of past freshens
and forgets the ages since

the silver flower steps
and slides the groove beside
shoulder takes a gentle welcome
gleaming inner way is now

free night

i’m fully awake
eyes close and open with staccato
mimic laser, lights, colour brights
empty black sky, streamed with flash
and booming blooms
sway and flay
raised hands and punching
flow with a freedom
live with a freedom
call out with a freedom
dance with me, tonight
live this freedom, with me
letting go, smiles a joy
one night above all
mind, body, laid bare
to keep and hold
and take and share
i’m fully awake