i’d like to know
you vulnerable, miss

come, collaboripe kiss’ed miss

i’d like to know
your delicate,ness
come, collaboride


come, be guided,
complete languid,ed
come, with me

i’d like to know
you vulnerable, miss



i am searching
for that delcious
sin, that will take
it’s place as my favourite forever-friend

i am one of seventy-two
striding towards
the gates of Asmodeus
calling, screaming, moaning,



you’re so close and i can hear you breathe
but still
come a little closer


i want to make you (kiss you)
yeah, another
dose of languid dreaming please
i miss the languid dreaming


a little closer still
but breathe, so i can hear you
come, a little nearer
so i can kiss you (make you)
part your


oh! your lips (your thighs)
languid satin
white sheets and crystal blue
skies and seas of miss’ed
languid dreaming


Come out gentle beast, my best
survey all horizons for the one
cross hairs locked
eyes are claws, tender vice
eyes for her, held gaze
saunter hips to pillowed maiden
leave on the light, I want to see her
leave on the light
leave on the light, I want, devour

come to me baby, I desire you
come to me baby
come to me, come to my amber
my den
my lair, my steely forest
where I sleep in wait
where awake I pace

I rape your mind, of sense
sanity stripped and discarded
your will abandons you
soul flooded with instinct
passion dripping from your abandon

I will not go
I will not stop
I will not abate this torrid fury
of love
of lust
of fucking lust

I’ll bite down, down, open your wound
Open your substance
hold your beating in my fist
take you to the ledge
of dare
hold you there
and with love
and with love
consume you

Your riddle

What words to describe
this news, this riddle in tale?
Spinning, I’m thrown
out of known, out of comfort
into this place
where thudding beats
of anxious greets me
where never thoughts
become not-nevers

What is this love
Free my intrigue
Smack my crazy mind
and put to rest
what I dare to not
now even think
To ponder a truth
of drunken nerve
my jealously not

Be stronger love

I dig in my heels
these days
went by so fast
hours remain
I want to stay here
warm in your gaze
held by your lust

Tonight may not
be the same
but it will mean no less
to my heart
your heart
our fire burns stronger
than ever

Swill your wine
bathe your lips
in streams of
ecstasy for you and me
and write a line
and flow yourself
be free