mi casa su casa

can you
love me?

laid prone to flood
bared to northern storm
orange sky pounding

no dry eyes or bones
for exquisite tension
on eruption’s edge

close your eyes
and open them
into a new dream

leave it well

count my stars

(stop the drumming, Sasha)

pick up the phone

second verse
not like the first

incessant hope
experienced genies

chant and count
perverse child
rambling self interest

my bronze chest
her ashen white soft
breath pressing
slowing with night

will you
dance with me?



I sit, soft and warm, woollen head and resting
Seven sits opposite, writing and enthused, she glows
Softly strong light, filters through the room
Clothed now, my love passes, but memory of breast beats by
Rain blows and swirls in night’s repelled collapse
And here, in her compelling shelter, I swim
One’s world in all glory’s familiar

home surf

arms and head throw back
meet the wave, take and consume me
smacked down and tumbling, free
salt becomes me, around my core

burst back and scream to the sun
whip my hair, up spray flying
tingling bubbles burst from my skin
the power liberates and drowns me

floating, flying, rocking along
white water breaking over, I’m under
head strong echo beneath the crash
welcome chill opposes the sun

I’m back to where I belong
alone, in the crowd, surfing the bears
five minutes turns into hours, I crest
lost and alone, and home with myself

Come hither

Come to me
Take a step
And one more
Reach my hand

Come to me
Walk with me
Won’t you try?
Won’t you dare?

Come to me
Hear my beat
Hold my mind
Taste my meal

Come to me
Share yourself
Swim in this
Pool of us

Come to me
Back to this
We belong
In this home

Come to me
Come with me
Come for me
Come and be
Come and lay
Come and live
Dream with me