while the night granted us
her silent bliss, the stars shone
to glisten eyes and for a moment
my heart swam in clarity



when the light became as soft as your skin, your eyes shone with the newly-born stars
i looked there, and told you of the joy

dripping salty skins were warmed by touch and cooled by blowing tease and ocean breeze
i kissed there, and drank your gentle sigh

our heart bells chimed a song in effortless silence, where comfort awaits a new day;
i love her, i love her, i knew and i love her

no punch line

i’m falling at a different rate to the rest of me
with eyes closed and steering the fade

another twitch is quickening
but with a humid, sluggish heart

shall i frame my humility or wear
my regret on the other sleeve?

with a long lens i’m looking, for more
but nothing’s panned, now or here

i doubt that each eighty-eight night
will know what’s next to spin me


bathed in constellations, dreams of times
bridges of over-colour and shine
blushings of being, connected
all of heart, flushed heat of days

you take my fibre by surest hand
walk into the framed bokeh beat
shared with eyes, an open tale
of fairies, au caurant kings, and poppins

lay back sweet lover
close your eyes, and say
yes, say you know
say you will, it’s you

midday beat

Feed a rhythm proud to march
how boasting cadence treads to higher ground
more fiendish arms twisted when alone
switch and vary to avoid the fear, the
Pound on dear heart vessels flow
smooth as silken rivers red
thoughts drive the hours passing
trip not stumble distraction left
rounding the end, the bend
feather blanket of softly falling
cooling, blowing, coating, quench
welcome sight and coat on
drives me home on leaden legs
pacing past not fast but now I’m

Lips lubricated

We spoke truths
confessions given
in pairs
and butterfly wings
fly on them
with courage
come to me
I come to you

Lips lubricated
flowing heart full
and overflowing
drawn towards
like another age
but like no other

a beginning defined
in thoughts in
our minds
held close like a secret
when unveiled
to each other brings
a tear

and now
more to indulge
as shapes form
and crazy nerves