i need less than i want
namely and actually
freedom to be/have/express character
oh, and
warm wrapp’ed thighs on mine, and



i’m just wavin’ and flappin’ me gums,
and i’m sailin’ the knots away,
on azurite seas, and denpasar breeze,
i’m groovy and feelin’ like lovin’, i’m likin’
the jink in your jive and shakin’ your vibe,
i’m sippin’ and drinkin’ and rummin’ my way
out of port, and i’m sailin’ and flyin’ and weavin’
and cryin’ and sailin’ the knots away


there is a thumping of sweet
gin in my ears;
it’s pressing back and blocking
these dead mules
of almost business almost men
in their almost suits,
almost living their impossible
miserable lives to an end that will never come
to pass for something as real
as the deception that drives them

there is a thumping of sweet
whisky in my seat;
my eyes are musing and closed
but the way is clear
through skies of cotton clouds

there is a thumping of sweet
rum in my words;
by my side, share this lode
be rich for only the cost of a step and desire

saving clutter, there is no more
to say, but to sing
this melody, thumping and sweet

free night

i’m fully awake
eyes close and open with staccato
mimic laser, lights, colour brights
empty black sky, streamed with flash
and booming blooms
sway and flay
raised hands and punching
flow with a freedom
live with a freedom
call out with a freedom
dance with me, tonight
live this freedom, with me
letting go, smiles a joy
one night above all
mind, body, laid bare
to keep and hold
and take and share
i’m fully awake

Old testament, New fuck

Bursting seemed fruited decadence
Slip into my smoking scintillance
Conceal nothing excepting hanging ego

Let’s dance

Pierced freedom cares for self
Loosed and let go remembered young
Smile for nothing and everything everything
Skyscraper memories pumping pumping
Living for beer and tomato and own sake
All’s counting and lost in Osaka
Late night jump and lost in eleven

I’m in the market

Yessing to yesterday’s norms
Recognise this drunk dunk
Except now I can wear white
Now I run and now I fuck and now
Heard is learned and not awaitened
Wear this skin tight skinned flight
I can see you from there

Bite down hard

Fleeting crazy lasts and lingers
Questions meld into and across
Lucifer may it seem I welcome
Naught but laughter ignorants
What’s almost slipped and nippled
Taken back and bolted hammer
But for ticking timed of rightness

Look at me swim

Re-offered the date desire
Copper not a fool of Silver
Thumbed ring of marathonic