indifferent fantasy, the dream

she opened up to me, and she opened up to me. i expected flow’ering of love and such but instead got words of foul stench and fuck fuck fuck dirrrrty disgust. that made me harder and made me grin with a smeared red and rotten mouth.

the next morning i woke wrapped in stained sheets and stained but indifferent memory. she brought me breakfast with welt marks on her ass and rope burns on her wrists

, but she kissed me gently and strummed her fingers on my bare chest as i ate. she told me she loved me. that made me harder and made me grin with a greased butter and bacon mouth.



hello missus
what are you going
to dream about
i’m going to dream about
you, (and a balcony over the water, with a plunge pool)


i had a dream that a wild haired musician
cuckolded her husband with me on a scarlett
red leather sofa

he sat with her best friend and watched
while cellos and flutes played
in the other room

i woke up with a mood like jim morrison
on a bus with books
in his lap


i had a dream where your eyes were all i could see except blur of below and the swirl of around and the flash of goes by and we were rollercoastering and feeling the ups and thrilling the downs and kissing and kissing and all the time and it was fantasmical and exhileratement. then the dream changed and we were in flight where the ups and the downs were the soar of our wings floating like tides in the sky and we were the king and the queen of all that there is from here to horizon and back. again the dream changed and we settled to sleep on the grass on the hill where our wings wrapped around and held onto tight and the here to horizon and back were a blur and a swirl and a flash because all i could see were your eyes were your eyes i’m in love with you and your eyes.  now all i can see is your eyes.


b r e a t h e . n o w .
o r . f o r e v e r . h o l d .
y o u r . p e a c e . s o . h e l p .
m e . d a n c e . t o . b e a t s .
o f . b u t t e r f l y .  f l i p s .
a n d . d r e a m s . o f .
m a g i c . t i m e s .

southern sojourn

i have a secret, private, and likely to be common fantastic image of you in my morning nap.
the story goes something like,

/with hope-brimming, and a mixture of seventeen flair and twenty seven confidence and thirty seven been-there-ness /

i take your hand in mine
, you blush

i smile into your emerald-streamy eyes
, you bite your lower lip
, and bravely hold your line
, until i lean with intent to brush
, my lips upon yours

you speak
, my name is rain, and i love you
, kiss me again under this venture-found
, southern-cross lit night

versional times

sink into my soul like home
the depth surprises
warmth a comfort

drink and play many rum
then swim
in the surf
in the rain

and dance
for freedom’s fruit
on the shoulder of something

beautiful understanding
eclipse of intention
all for one breath

that will change

come sun
she rises across my fingers
deftly tracing seams

found what was new
and lost
and what should be left alone
but cannot

there is no end

One day

One day
I’ll run away
One day
I’ll write that book
One day
I’m swim an ocean
One day

Hold on
To what you dream
Hold on
To what you have
Hold on
Fight for belief
Hold on

Dare to
Live your life
Dare to
Sing out loud
Dare to
Dance in the rain
Dare to

Take time
To laugh with children
Take time
To plant a garden
Take time
To sleep under moonlight
Take time

One day
I’ll hold on
One day
I’ll dare to
One day
I’ll take time
One day

Dream sequence G4 in conversation

Where are you?
On the other side of reason.
What’s it like?
It likes me very much thank you.
Can you show me?
No, you have to imagine the grey.
Why grey?
It’s opposite to pink. You weren’t listening.
I don’t understand. Can you teach me?
You’re too pretty, you won’t understand.
But I promise to try hard!
Yes, that’s the point.
What’s the point?
I don’t trust you.
You can trust me. Trust me!
Go to the other side of yesterday and close your eyes.
Then what?
Swallow and wait.
Wait for what?
You’ll know it when you see it.
But my eyes are closed.
Yes they are. So now you understand.
I do? What do I understand? I don’t know what I know.
Put one away for safe keeping.
Put what away?
Your inhibitions.
I’m not inhibited.
Tell it to the hand. Remember what we agreed.
I forgot what we were talking about.
Who said we’re talking? Assume your challenges.
Assume what?
How much you want to know.
I want to know it all.
Then do it and forget your feet.
What have my feet got to do with it?
Everything. They take you to the shimmer.
I’ve been there!
And so it is, that all is done and said.
But what do I do now?
You just do. You just do.