desire [dɪˈzaɪə]

desire [dɪˈzaɪə]

oh, i
vb (tr)
for you to


early autumn joy

the crash of your ocean washes the confidence from my skin
replacing it with the turmoil of your desire
i might drown in it
or in my tears that tumble because of it

all sides of my sight are beset by your brilliant sun
where your eyes cast no shadow across me
i might burn from it
or from the fire ignited inside me from it

through my soul’s window, your willow’s whisper
breathes a love that flows but never ebbs
i might fly with it
or with joy that grows from the magic within it

second coming forthcoming

tonight’s orangeness bleeds
into corners where shadows keep company
with strange bedfellows. former knowing eyes
have been deceived
by hex & triplet. my light,
my litany,
my prayer for lions,
for Vader,
for techno Jehan,
is 26 miles long.

(leather strap and lover slap)

grass is a less envious but more
jealous shade
of green. passed over for a feast of friends
and deliciousness of never
another first electric taste.

close your eyes and forget
everything i said
close your eyes and eat
me, under the clothed table all the while
you touch,
your shaven (mine) milky way. Divine,
my new litany, your liturgy; don’t
stop, don’t
stop, don’t
dare to liberate for sake of fading
hope comes

(with a gush of love
drink deeply.
look into my eyes, see mine,
my waiting first
kiss, to come)


the world aches a quiet moment in the shade
drink it with me
and the rain

the answer is a fallacy of the advertisement freaks
time passes without time
find your joy

every step is a dream closer to genius reality
slide into your stride
surety abounds

close your eyes my love and capture the dulcet beat
lead a blue crimson line
kiss my burn
kiss my rain, my fire
drink my desire and live my love

lost, in dances

Let go
release reverberates across expansive
fields, fresh with violets
draw deep and true
petals colour rainbows a single hue
for me

soothing water of melting white
peaks, torrents from tumbling
pools of solemn dreamy
eyes, pure drowning love
is rare

days mixed with dew
private to longer mornings
bliss taken, bliss missed
golden known nightly ships
pass by

Take flight
wings carry destined
flesh, your heart’s gravity draws
mine, belong to aching
desire, once of life this

in liquid gems, pools
where rubys green
and emeralds red, as
jealous blood flows and
binds us

Take this
my word, kissing your blind
folded eyes, trusting deep
flaming ideals of chance
we dare, a life of being lost
in dances


Come out gentle beast, my best
survey all horizons for the one
cross hairs locked
eyes are claws, tender vice
eyes for her, held gaze
saunter hips to pillowed maiden
leave on the light, I want to see her
leave on the light
leave on the light, I want, devour

come to me baby, I desire you
come to me baby
come to me, come to my amber
my den
my lair, my steely forest
where I sleep in wait
where awake I pace

I rape your mind, of sense
sanity stripped and discarded
your will abandons you
soul flooded with instinct
passion dripping from your abandon

I will not go
I will not stop
I will not abate this torrid fury
of love
of lust
of fucking lust

I’ll bite down, down, open your wound
Open your substance
hold your beating in my fist
take you to the ledge
of dare
hold you there
and with love
and with love
consume you

Twinkled spice, and all things nice

A vision of new
of spice and fresh skin
a reach of step
dared, fanciful imaginings

Poetic pages flipped
restful and natural
smile broken open
gem of many gems

Think not of these
other poorly half truths
for hearts pondering
across many skies

A casual glance
in quiet coffee houses
alone with a new
fascinating stranger

Nervous glimmers
of hope and testing
childlike new days
virginal new nights

The city lights bright
can’t dull night’s beam
or your eyes in my eyes
this late twinkling coat

Morning due and dew
on windscreen cool
skin bared and goosed
from slept passion left

I wake up, as you
You wake up, from me
We wink at horizon’s
pensive lost chance