dear joy,

let me begin by simply saying welcome back! i won’t ask where you’ve been or why you had to go in the first place. the important thing is that you’re here now and you’ve decided to stay. i’ve missed you. so much. shall we hold hands and dance? i remember how we used to dance.



ninety-nine days

the street dancer passed a pretty girl and called out “what a beautiful one!”
to which she replied with a blushed flushing crimson and widening smile.
they learnt to samba and fell in love
in ninety-nine days.


b r e a t h e . n o w .
o r . f o r e v e r . h o l d .
y o u r . p e a c e . s o . h e l p .
m e . d a n c e . t o . b e a t s .
o f . b u t t e r f l y .  f l i p s .
a n d . d r e a m s . o f .
m a g i c . t i m e s .

these right places

when i look at you, i see gorgeous and crazy in all the right places.
i could sit and stare at your completeness for hours.
we dance in silence, in a safe-haven of moments.

i don’t know what to do with myself.

EDIT : This piece was shortlisted for publication in Seventeen Magazine, Issue 7. Close, no cigar, but still pretty cool.

tuned yaw

Do you close your eyes when you dance?
See the music light up your blackness, hear the rhythm
in your bones and sway
or swing. Make a groove in your
self. I dance and live in the sand, like I want
to sink into you. I can feel laughter
in their mime, mixed with jealousy as green as clover.
Do your dreams tack into the breeze, stiff
and with upper lip?
Ego, ergo, will notwithstand itself, and if not
for the oh shit moment, would still
be resolved to a thorn’s highway.
Switch before it’s too late, and regret’s blister
shall waste and wilt, and wither
away. Flutter and flitter and flicker
away, to fin.

mystery girl

did I tell you how we met
in a famous day
by the forest edge?

the rain glistened on our skin
we danced
like silly children

I see her
a welcome nothing of substance
sigh across the wire
she sees me
like no-one

did I tell you how we fell
in love by chance
a simple day in Athens?

I see hurt in her
I see her looking inwards
for relief
she forgets we are friends

and I love her

mi casa su casa

can you
love me?

laid prone to flood
bared to northern storm
orange sky pounding

no dry eyes or bones
for exquisite tension
on eruption’s edge

close your eyes
and open them
into a new dream

leave it well

count my stars

(stop the drumming, Sasha)

pick up the phone

second verse
not like the first

incessant hope
experienced genies

chant and count
perverse child
rambling self interest

my bronze chest
her ashen white soft
breath pressing
slowing with night

will you
dance with me?

Old testament, New fuck

Bursting seemed fruited decadence
Slip into my smoking scintillance
Conceal nothing excepting hanging ego

Let’s dance

Pierced freedom cares for self
Loosed and let go remembered young
Smile for nothing and everything everything
Skyscraper memories pumping pumping
Living for beer and tomato and own sake
All’s counting and lost in Osaka
Late night jump and lost in eleven

I’m in the market

Yessing to yesterday’s norms
Recognise this drunk dunk
Except now I can wear white
Now I run and now I fuck and now
Heard is learned and not awaitened
Wear this skin tight skinned flight
I can see you from there

Bite down hard

Fleeting crazy lasts and lingers
Questions meld into and across
Lucifer may it seem I welcome
Naught but laughter ignorants
What’s almost slipped and nippled
Taken back and bolted hammer
But for ticking timed of rightness

Look at me swim

Re-offered the date desire
Copper not a fool of Silver
Thumbed ring of marathonic

dance, this night

give me a sway
lay down your crazy
beat up this island rhythm
lean over by me here now, here now

more than you ever have before
dance baby girl
save my world, flow’s tune
dance like everyone’s watching
but you don’t care, you’re free

forget where you are, light up
forgive where you’re not, slide over
flamenco way, breath-taker
size up this line, call my name

palms up with ringing voices
ebb’s tibe of dreams longing steps
disco nights for five in chicago
lights away to park bench sleep
pillow memory, one memory
to keep for all its sake

lost, in dances

Let go
release reverberates across expansive
fields, fresh with violets
draw deep and true
petals colour rainbows a single hue
for me

soothing water of melting white
peaks, torrents from tumbling
pools of solemn dreamy
eyes, pure drowning love
is rare

days mixed with dew
private to longer mornings
bliss taken, bliss missed
golden known nightly ships
pass by

Take flight
wings carry destined
flesh, your heart’s gravity draws
mine, belong to aching
desire, once of life this

in liquid gems, pools
where rubys green
and emeralds red, as
jealous blood flows and
binds us

Take this
my word, kissing your blind
folded eyes, trusting deep
flaming ideals of chance
we dare, a life of being lost
in dances