the story of noah is uncomplicated but confused. one summer night, a white crow perched on his shoulder’s dream and thus spake; write. scaring the living bejhesus out of him, noah rushed out to the university of life and studied hard. finding a particular liking to his professor in afflatus-101, noah began to percolate dreams and free-write poetry. with this, together with high-speed broadband and the numbness of marathon running, noah was saved.

everthing else, as they say, is his’story.



6 thoughts on “bio-noah

    • well, thanks duffy. compliments will get you everywhere.
      inspired to do what?
      feel free to comment on particular posts you like – it’s good to know what “works” and what doesn’t. cheers.

  1. After reading a few of these poems Mark, I was inspired to purchase the book. Having been through (and currently living in) the darkness, I understand the mixture of feelings and thoughts in a similar way. I just hope that it was as therapeutic for you to discover this ‘inner you’, as it will be for your readers. Well done mate.

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