so long, and thanks for the memories

three years ago.
that’s when breathenoah began.

it began as an outlet. an expressionary experiment. and little did i know at the time, it signalled the beginning of a journey that was so rich, so empowering, and so liberating that…. breathenoah now has to end. the journey is over and my brand new life has begun.

my life three years ago was very different to my life today. i craved something. something beyond the walls i’d built around me. i craved the rain on my skin. i craved light. i craved living.

i didn’t know i was on a journey at the time, let alone where it would lead. there were times of sadness. darkness. almost depression. but there were also times of hope. beauty. and love.

for me, poetry has existed at the fringes of emotion. and my journey has been full of emotion, and the search for joy.

well, i’ve found it.

in these past three years, i’ve made some real friends. in no particular order i’d like pay tribute to those friendships with a simple hello.

amanda. my first blogger buddy. hello.
rachel. a shoulder and a friend. hello.
brad. a great writer with a great mind. hello.
paul. blogosphere legend. we miss you. hello.
catherine. maelinat, my journey’s butterfly. hello.

and to the many others who have contributed, commented, supported and inspired, namely;

ebbtide, narnie, maxine, gabe, sarah o, thepilogue, cocoyea, jason, thecrimsonthread, fantasia, marian, jayvie, 1writegirl, and jaclyn.


and of course thanks to sara, who became my sole journey-ending inspiration. themostattractivegirlintheroom. heart.

the journey of breathnoah is captured in my book, “poetry, fluxus, and other lett’rous collections.” essentially, publishing the book was the end of the journey, and a neat way to close this chapter of my life. i’ll still be around. reading, writing, exploring. just not as breathenoah.

i am breathenoah and my name is mark.
my name is mark and i am breathing, life.


6 thoughts on “so long, and thanks for the memories

  1. Mark, I am just now seeing this of course,… I am all at once sad and so very, very happy for you knowing how your journey began and now – not how it’s ending – but how it’s evolved into happiness. I wish you all the best and hope you’ll drop in now and then. Your poetry has been a gift I’ve greatly enjoyed and will look forward to reading your work again should you choose to grace us with that gift once more, in whichever incarnation. Cheers to you and to Sara for following your bliss!

  2. Hi Mark

    I too embarked upon a journey 3 years ago, as the crimsonthread. I was so inspired by your poetry, and of those fellow poets some whom you mention above. I really feel we all in some other-worldly way shared an ethereal journey together in words, concepts and emotions….and it has only just begun.

    My life will never be the same as it was prior to writing my poetry and sharing it with kindred souls such as yourself: I hope to perhaps read some of your new work in the future, and may the Muse always be with you!

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