shall i close my eyes when we kiss?
contact of lips enough to light my eyes
with starry blooms, and breath into my sky
a promise of another year of many wondrous
days, nights, and extraordinary moments that each
, on their own, make living worth living and loving you
worth everything


undefined order, perhaps both

he wasn’t really in the mood for writing poetry or other words in sequence that might pass for something described as such. such letterous collections are rarer than they used to be. those close to him know why, there are less needs to walk on shores with toes in sand and splashing at three minutes to midnaught than there used to be. there are less needs to be anxi-preventive, and less needs to be liked. the second-g man is no more either, that might be a factor. the damned pleasures sit four fifths complete but promisingly loved. he reflects to puzzle box again, but probably wont until he’s alone. christmas is the time for pilsner and this one is no different, but everything else is. better and different in an undefined order, perhaps both.

solemn and silly

despite the rain, the birds are singing. i even heard a kookaburra laughing yesterday. there was cheer and cheers, and laughter. i have a lot to be thankful for. i have health, love, alcohol and coffee. i have smotherings chocolate and life’s winnings, and i’m only sharing it with the very best of people. i have cool new shoes and a cool new dancing year complete with rays and bans. that’s all i should say for now, i’m hungry and there’s some non-green ham and stuff with my name and chili on it, waiting in the kitchen. i’m coming, i’m coming!

care and motto

i am working on a motto.
i care more about today and the end of days than everything in between.
, (that will take care of itself)
i care more about spoiling my lover with impromptu bet dividends.
i care more about squeezing every-fucking-ounce-of-joy i can out of every single day.
i care less
, much less
, about the rain.