i had a dream that a wild haired musician
cuckolded her husband with me on a scarlett
red leather sofa

he sat with her best friend and watched
while cellos and flutes played
in the other room

i woke up with a mood like jim morrison
on a bus with books
in his lap



it was a strong-sun day and the birds
were noisy but i didn’t care about
the sun or the birds being there
and i didn’t care about them
being strong or noisy

then i got bored and i went home to an
empty afternoon with no inclination
to read or write or sit
/so i ran

the rest of the day was filled with
things i don’t remember so i
assume that the rest of the
day was as boring as the
first part of the day with
the birds and the sun
/, boring

what i do remember is talking to myself
and i asked myself some questions
which is good because i know
all the answers to my
own questions
/don’t you?

paul (e)squire(s)

a friend i never met, and a mentor i never deserved,
paul squires, (e)squire(s),
is dead,

i never got around to reading his book,
the puzzle box,
so i just went to lulu to buy it,
and when i did, i got an email from paul,
(as if from the other side), that said,

Thankyou for buying my tiny book. I truly hope you get something from it. All feedback is welcome. Have a fantabulous day full of tiny miracles like unexpected flowers blooming.

no, thankYOU paul,