lots of awesome

i have decided that i am going to live until at least the age of one-hundred-and-seven. i think one-hundred-and-seven is a lucky number and i feel pretty darn lucky. that means that i will have twenty-five-thousand-two-hundred-and-seventy-three awesome days and two-hundred-and-fifty-five crappy days left in my life. that’s a ratio of ninety-nine awesome days to one crappy day. it’s a high ratio because it takes something really really reallyreally crappy to make my day not awesome, because i have lots of awesome things in my life, and i am awesome too. i have decided to make awesome my bff.


2 thoughts on “lots of awesome

  1. haha so THIS is what Tim was talking about on Sunday?
    Good luck I think 107 is an awesome age and only marginally better than 106, but not as awesome as 108 perhaps?
    Anyway I am glad to hear your son Noah doesn’t have asthma and you have 99% success rate in awesomeness.

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