lots of awesome

i have decided that i am going to live until at least the age of one-hundred-and-seven. i think one-hundred-and-seven is a lucky number and i feel pretty darn lucky. that means that i will have twenty-five-thousand-two-hundred-and-seventy-three awesome days and two-hundred-and-fifty-five crappy days left in my life. that’s a ratio of ninety-nine awesome days to one crappy day. it’s a high ratio because it takes something really really reallyreally crappy to make my day not awesome, because i have lots of awesome things in my life, and i am awesome too. i have decided to make awesome my bff.


sunday june 20

there’s an unfamiliar winter morning sunning my lazy bones. an addict, i need another coffee. i relish being switched off and it’s all-wrapping quiet. sighing breaths coat my lungs thicker than i can or care (don’t want) to remember. my back hurts. i need another, another coffee. make this one ristretto, double and burnt. for every thousand festivals, there’s one solemn day.

cool chris

i knew a cool fella whose name was chris.
i wish i got to know him better before he died. chris got sick but they didn’t know why. finally they knew why and they tried to fix him. it didn’t work very well. they couldn’t keep him from dying for very long. i knew he was going to die but when he did it was pretty crappy. i cried a lot. chris died many years ago but i still cry sometimes when i remember him. i wonder if his wife still cries too. i should ask her. she is my sister and she is cool like chris.
i know a cool fella whose name is chris.


i woke up at 4:50am and the rain was heavy
i saw a flash
i heard a crash
i felt the promise of a drear day
i stayed in bed a little longer
i drove(swam) my car along(through) the grey morning
i received a cancellation
i took an angry phone call
i took another why-today phone call
i took a moment
i joked about having God on speed dial
i’d call in a favour and stop the rain
i sat down and i saw a gap in the clouds
i saw a rainbow
i think rainbows are upside down smiles
i did