oi oi oi

streams and blooms and stars and fire flies and dreams and flutters and sunsets and chocolate hearts and whispers and skies and blue blue blue everythings blue and songs sweet and birds call and warm arms and kisses and kisses and kisses by another stream with more and more flowers blooming and dancing dancing waltzing lots of dancing and dreaming of stars more stars and hearing favourite songs on the radio

is that aussie-poetry-enough for ya? or for y’all?

o kay more –

streams and streams and blue streaming blue streams o i forgot the ocean! and the waves and the blue blue sea and the sunning blue sky and laughing holding hands at the sea side beside the stream! i forgot about the memories of my youth of the blue o how blue the streams and the sea was when life was simpler! back when blues were deeper and more lovely than ever 4 eva when the sea was lovelier and the sky was lovelier and the love was love-



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