there is no time for plans
except for planless days and nights and in betweens
where moments of life happen
only for the sake of their own being
, moments in my life and your life
for memories

” let’s take another step ”
” where aren’t we going? ”
” nowhere ”
” then lets go there together ”
” yes, perfect, that’s exactly what i hadn’t planned ”

and the music played
and the wine was blood
and the air swilled around us, with abundant this-moment-ness

” this is living ”
” kiss me ”

and thus, we stepped, lived
and smiled


i think there was a beautiful sunset

oblivious to her self’s timbre
she is peaceful and pure as water,
soft as snowflakes, clouds, and kissed-and-whispered goodnights

i cannot let this moment pass
i kiss her and tell her
i love her

better than 99

i am secretless for the first time in my adult life.
these days are like no other.

randomness has a flow that i never knew.
a changing signature of time .

now, all there is
is all i need –

a flawless woman, a perfect brew, a quiet room,
and the warm knowledge of happenstance being fate being forever.



i love every time we laugh anad cry and dance and sing and prance and sleep and wake and smile and dine and wine and share and do those every things that cause us to be thankful


those every times we do no-things and time stands still and you see me and i see you and i know we have some funky kind of purity together

oi oi oi

streams and blooms and stars and fire flies and dreams and flutters and sunsets and chocolate hearts and whispers and skies and blue blue blue everythings blue and songs sweet and birds call and warm arms and kisses and kisses and kisses by another stream with more and more flowers blooming and dancing dancing waltzing lots of dancing and dreaming of stars more stars and hearing favourite songs on the radio

is that aussie-poetry-enough for ya? or for y’all?

o kay more –

streams and streams and blue streaming blue streams o i forgot the ocean! and the waves and the blue blue sea and the sunning blue sky and laughing holding hands at the sea side beside the stream! i forgot about the memories of my youth of the blue o how blue the streams and the sea was when life was simpler! back when blues were deeper and more lovely than ever 4 eva when the sea was lovelier and the sky was lovelier and the love was love-



right so i decided i need some new boots for work/walk/ing so said to my lover lets go to the stores lets go to the sales and she said o kay so we got in the car and we went to the sales at the stores. the first sale at the first store didnt stock my size because a i have feet that are the wrong size for the shoes at this sale at that store. at this time. the second store with a sale for some boot type shoes that i tried didn’t stock quite the size of my feet in the style that i chose but the second style that i chose in the second store with a sale that i chose had the size of my feet. so i tried them on and my feet were the perfect size for these boots so i bought them with my crrrredit card and said thank you to the sales staff/woman. then i came home and burnt some pastizzis for lunch.
the end.