the brownie system

i overheard a dude talking about brownie points. and then i overheard another dude talking about brownie points. and then yet another dude was telling me that he had to ask for special permission because he ran out of brownie points. and then i got to thinking how i used to talk about brownie points all the time and it was depressing. what kind of meek existence do we share if we dish out happiness in small neat serving sized chucks according to an i’ll scratch your back if you suck mine type of points system? people, it’s time to redefine. it’s not worth it otherwise.


here i am


i have a new accent / it sounds partly french (in my mind).
breathe cobblestoned coffee / i smoke cigarettes at the same place.
it is spring all year / i am writing poetry.

slow clarity.

we are making love / every night (every second morning).
i’ve lost count of the lines / there are never enough mangoes or pears.
these are trivial matters / these are my only matters.

full circle.

i can explain it all / i don’t care to explain (anymore thankyou).
things are whole / love is tears overwhelming.
i didn’t wait this time / here i am.


seeing your smile at a second past six is all i need
my self legacy has begun

sharing your everything else is wanted
my joy is true

your plans for us are a dream of my past but a pinch for today
my eyes are open

you are addictive
my cure is yes

your love is contagious
who swept who?