You know the old fable, the one that says you’ll see your life flash before your eyes when you have a brush with death?

, well

when we made love, in the dimming light of that hot summer afternoon in late spring, i had a brush with you, and it was love  that flashed before my eyes. our eyes locked, connected for a sacred second and i saw

and i saw crystal nights with blooms of flowering stars,

i saw sleeping in, on Whateverdays, until time runs over the highest brim, and kisses,
i saw lots of kisses, and dipping toes in sandy sea walks and winks and devilish grins from dares

i saw pier walking with icecream eating and hand holding  on a leisurely weekend away and being caught,
in comfortable silence
, and summer afternoon thunderstorms

and i saw your smile,
your smile, in every flash and
every time i saw your smile i knew, i knew
a little more and i can close my eyes and see that smile again and i smile
again and now i’m telling you this because it’s just magic and
i love you, and i’m telling you that
i love you, all from a sacred second flash,
of locked connected eyes


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