and love
unstoppable, and
soon is barely enough



can i have an
other, taste of that
, sin, accentuated
naked skin
, liquid lipp’ed apple
sipp’ed, grin?

fuckyou starless night

i stepped out into cold
night air whipped and chilled bones and reminded me that i have a soul
i took off my shoes and the soft sand became hard
against my sole’s skin
this auditorium was curtained by cloud, and night,
and my eyes were wet and rain sighed against my face
the wash’s white fingers teased my toes
and i said fuck you
there were no stars except those on the city’s horizon
and we shared reflection on the water’s retreat
and i said fuck you
pushing the cold out through my skin and i am
warm now walking
in calm’s shadow, but with a new peace
walking alone, but everything but


you know when you can’t breathe but it’s all you desire?

i like my version of love truth to be a bloom like flowers and fire
works and fantastic what(for)evers.

that’s the kind of pure
and honest free(me)ingness that sets the dark apart
from not holding back any more.

new christmas

forget the turkey trappings and thoughtless wrappings,
redefine christmas babe,

make fresh love and native mistle-
splashing-toes, on bush-park-beaches, running
streams of syrup over pancakes, where the only ice is
cream for breakfast, before we open the day to share

these true gifts, a oneness walking hand in hand
along our splendrous tide of blue, and yule to show that i
love you


i had a dream where your eyes were all i could see except blur of below and the swirl of around and the flash of goes by and we were rollercoastering and feeling the ups and thrilling the downs and kissing and kissing and all the time and it was fantasmical and exhileratement. then the dream changed and we were in flight where the ups and the downs were the soar of our wings floating like tides in the sky and we were the king and the queen of all that there is from here to horizon and back. again the dream changed and we settled to sleep on the grass on the hill where our wings wrapped around and held onto tight and the here to horizon and back were a blur and a swirl and a flash because all i could see were your eyes were your eyes i’m in love with you and your eyes.  now all i can see is your eyes.


You know the old fable, the one that says you’ll see your life flash before your eyes when you have a brush with death?

, well

when we made love, in the dimming light of that hot summer afternoon in late spring, i had a brush with you, and it was love  that flashed before my eyes. our eyes locked, connected for a sacred second and i saw

and i saw crystal nights with blooms of flowering stars,

i saw sleeping in, on Whateverdays, until time runs over the highest brim, and kisses,
i saw lots of kisses, and dipping toes in sandy sea walks and winks and devilish grins from dares

i saw pier walking with icecream eating and hand holding  on a leisurely weekend away and being caught,
in comfortable silence
, and summer afternoon thunderstorms

and i saw your smile,
your smile, in every flash and
every time i saw your smile i knew, i knew
a little more and i can close my eyes and see that smile again and i smile
again and now i’m telling you this because it’s just magic and
i love you, and i’m telling you that
i love you, all from a sacred second flash,
of locked connected eyes