when the light became as soft as your skin, your eyes shone with the newly-born stars
i looked there, and told you of the joy

dripping salty skins were warmed by touch and cooled by blowing tease and ocean breeze
i kissed there, and drank your gentle sigh

our heart bells chimed a song in effortless silence, where comfort awaits a new day;
i love her, i love her, i knew and i love her



welcome back mister summer day, and madam sea
thank you for my ouch’ed feet and careful abandon
thank you for the salt-in-my-hair and goodness
thank you for the squeak in the sand and my ears
thank you for everything, and being everything
i had hoped for


b r e a t h e . n o w .
o r . f o r e v e r . h o l d .
y o u r . p e a c e . s o . h e l p .
m e . d a n c e . t o . b e a t s .
o f . b u t t e r f l y .  f l i p s .
a n d . d r e a m s . o f .
m a g i c . t i m e s .


i met and fancied a girl whose eyes matched the flowers on her dress. they were beautiful. she made me cry and laugh, and i kissed her in our night that turned into a sun’s rising. on some perfect splendour that i’ve never planned, there were four moments that i’ll never forget.

a connected look of desire.
holding hands in the quiet stars.
a crack of thunder when our lips met.
running from the rain, to the jacaranda tree.

amazing culprit

i’ve infiltrated, quite by accident, the house of culpritous deeds.
my influence there is the (nudgenudgewinkwink) bad&good kind.
what’s there is amazing, and it’s quite amazing,
how it is that amazing happens.

i can’t explain it better, but if you were me
and me were you, we’d both know
because the better’ness just is.

by my own hands, i’m finding the missing
(one two three four five)
trusty gold nuggets.

to be continued.