up the non-boringness ante, andy,

if any more than ten
percent of you
like any more than ten
percent of what
you see/read then i’m either not trying
hard enough or i’ve forgotten that writing is for a drunkard’s bastard honesty, honestly,



so, here’s something cool and awesome that happened to me.

i was flying across the dawn’s moon, and a shadow of her was it’s new light. she had a wink’n’swagger that was irrepressible, and she drew me to laugh’n’flatter.

so i gotta tell you, it’s happened to me rarely but succinctly only four times before. it took me back to a place where i’d slide’n’glide and for a moment i still wish i could again try my arm there. hmm, i still might.

it’s very {damn} nice indeed, thank you very-very much. it’s kinda like an armful of happy in your eyes, you know what i’m goin’on’about.

o-my, she’s a sweet aroma in my waking moment.

i told ya, pretty cool and awesome huh.

and breathe

and then she said, and then this happened, and i never knew that, and could you ever imagine, and did you know that, and do you remember when i said, and you’ll never guess who i ran into, and it didn’t cost that much, and they told me at the store, and the thing is, and what everyone is saying, and i can’t believe the nerve, and oh what was i saying oh yeah, and then i told her, and some people just never, and do you know what i did, and i gave him a piece of my mind, and can you come and help me with this, and oh by the way, and i just hung up the phone, and she told me that i could, and i was reading something about, and my mother called around today, and can you pass me that no no that, and i thought i told you that, and i think i’m going to tomorrow, and she was telling me about the time, and i almost died, and we had a great day today, and you should have seen the look, and she really made me feel, and i never knew that, and then this happened, and then she said, and

a different project

i haven’t posted for a week; not because of a broken keyboard or any writers block-esque thingo. i’ve been working on another project, a collaboration, the result of which i’ll link to when it’s ready. i won’t give away what it’s all about, but i’m pretty excited about it, and how it’s progressing so far. until then my friends, breathe-out.