Emotional Diary 2


6:12 am White

6:15 am Blue

6:34 am Brown

7:19 am White

7:51 am Red

7:52 am Green

9:08 am Orange

9:12 am Yellow

9:34 am Pink

11:38 am White

12:22 pm Brown

1:43 pm Brown

3:59 pm Blue

4:07 pm Green

5:12 pm Yellow

6:42 pm Orange

7:32 pm Crimson

8:11 pm Yellow

8:47 pm Pink

8:51 pm Yellow

9:33 pm Crimson

9:34 pm Yellow

9:37 pm White

9:42 pm Brown

9:56 pm Indigo

11:43 pm Black


2 thoughts on “Emotional Diary 2

  1. found some precious pieces here, each nourishing.
    do infect us at leaveanote.wordpress.com
    if you care to free-write with random people,
    for the love of words, for the love of timed colors

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