look over there, a butterfly.
hello mrs mother’s palette of ~i love you~
, for us an acquaintance bless’ed by your flutter.
magic of happenings wonder, and wonderingful happenstance
, of being lost in a squick’s moment — of course that’s all’our need.
and look, another one, over here.


i remember mae

Mae’s linat would whisk me a way
on tinkerbelled tunes of flow’eringed flow
, those words that would prance, and dance
in my mind, and on melodic highs
i’d soar and i’d fly, and i’d fly


that ganga she’s a whore, she thrrrrills me and temptresses my obsessness and holysmokes my pipe. pulling pulling me in&off, in&off, in&
over to a dirrrtyplace, dirrrtyheaven, holysmoke&dirrrrtyplace. that ganga she’s a whore, she’s passed around&around and her lipschtick lawd&gawd mouthed cunt
is blown&sucked and passed around again&again&holysmoke that ganga she’s my whore my dirrrtytemptressed whore, holysmoke
i’m a cuntmouthed ganga whore and i’m obsessess’ed and pass’ed&over& pass’ed around blownover and piped by dirrrty holysmok’ens
that ganga, we’s a gawd&lawd &cunt’ed cunt. we’s a thrrrillin&temptin& cuntfaced dirrrrty whores, holysmokin’ed dirrrty in&offen’ed diiirty whore

what happens next ?


warming hellos and smiles and eyes
, why i love your
, and can i take your
, and let me pour you some wine


softened light and tones and petals
, tell me about your
, and omg you’re so
, and yes let’s order dessert


careful words and steps and confidence
, and what were the odds that we
, and is it just me or do we
, and i’d love to do this again



99c sodomy

the buy one get one free will kill us all
the for a limited time only will kill us all
the ninety nine ninety nine will kill us all
the thirty months interest free will kill us all
the get it now get it now get it now will kill us all
the try it today and see for yourself will kill us all
the wham! and your worries are gone will kill us all
the suck my smoking pistol while my corporate rapes you is killing is killing
us all


hello genius & glum
hello darkness
hello sadness
hello antiGod

hello genius & nigori
hello simpleton
hello anonymartyr
hello mother

hello genius & soul
hello quaint
hello lacuna
hello firefly

hello genius & sweetless
hello light
hello lacerate
hello restitute

hello genius & jettison
hello i love you
hello friend
hello quarter past prayer


breakfast is a warm
rustlewaker for the
bones. my foaming
milkened coffee is

for slapping dreary
and shaking weary
dreams. scatty cat
should piss off and

leave me alone, oh
all right come and
purr on my lap. it’s
time for the hum &

drum to well come
into my day. left &
right and how are
you and good day

sir. ok, now, read
three hundred and
forty seven urgent
emails before time

to think and prep
for the onslaught
of Mr mister and
the nine fortyfive

sales review. I’m
going to be fucked
again and now the
shakes start, focus,

focus and pull all
your shit together
and breathe,


, she said, how was
your day, and i say
fine and i need more
than a foaming milk

coffee. rum-mmm
pouring to crystal
cut glass, now i’m
home. respite me

liquor iced friend
and ferment some
of the wilted hope
that remains of my

day. tow me back
to the start line ex
cept it might really
be the finish line.

Emotional Diary 2


6:12 am White

6:15 am Blue

6:34 am Brown

7:19 am White

7:51 am Red

7:52 am Green

9:08 am Orange

9:12 am Yellow

9:34 am Pink

11:38 am White

12:22 pm Brown

1:43 pm Brown

3:59 pm Blue

4:07 pm Green

5:12 pm Yellow

6:42 pm Orange

7:32 pm Crimson

8:11 pm Yellow

8:47 pm Pink

8:51 pm Yellow

9:33 pm Crimson

9:34 pm Yellow

9:37 pm White

9:42 pm Brown

9:56 pm Indigo

11:43 pm Black