you there
captain depressed, mistress misery
you’re not so special

your sister is the same
your neighbour is the same
your doctor is the same
your congressbitch is the same

we just have different liquor
we just have different muse
we just have different time
we just have different blades

my tonic is yours
my pill is yours
my writing is yours
my drowning is yours

we’re not so special
reverend nightmare, secretary of distate
you there



8 thoughts on “hey.you.

  1. if i may disagree, the words of chairman george clinton –

    “you dont think how i think
    you dont joke how i joke
    you dont drink what i drink
    you dont smoke what i smoke”

    not you (noah) literally, but perhaps reverend nightmare and my congressbitch. i dunno. just sayin.

  2. Oh, I am torn. I loved the poem, especially ‘we just have different blades’ but then I also agree with Jason’s comment. I did read the poem, though, as kind of saying we are same, same but not the same…so maybe both of you are right. Is there a right here? Probably not.

  3. I love this poem for what it is. I really love it. I think your last comment expanded on message of the poem as well. We are all unique just like everyone else, and that makes us all the same.

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