this room has never been darker
slumped and foetal
i tremble out
my first tears

my bones ache
with my heart


my wailing

it has ended
it has ended

it has ended

my world’s lights
are burnt


4 thoughts on “o,

  1. Breathe, Noah, breathe!

    Forever is such a long time
    Included in the vows
    it becomes an eternity
    of hopelessness

    We can but wish
    for our ends to meet up
    as they do now

    Hello there! Uncle Tree

  2. This came at the perfect moment. As I sit back today and ask “what is in a date?”. My father’s birthday. Yet he is long gone. Taken from me before his time in a brutal way. I read these words, and I know the feeling well. Perhaps not as you intended. But the timing … the timing…. perfect as always.

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