party people

there was beer on ice and the scent of summer in the air. the light was teasing that in-between place where the city was as bright as the sun, differing only in their shade of orange. quite a few guests had arrived, and some old strangers had already become new curiosities. i hey-good-to-see-you-thanks-for-coming’d my way through the crowd to where i knew i’d find you. you poured me a smile as i poured the rum. we took a moment, to cast our eyes on what was laid out before us. you remarked how you liked that there was Adidas, Armani, and Peter Alexander all in the same place at the same time. i said that it was time to get started.


2 thoughts on “party people

  1. ooooooh … get started … on?
    I like this your mind can run with it and go where it pleases!!
    Perhaps you’d like to try your hand at my challenge??

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