Featured in Hit and Run

Thanks to the suggestion by Paul Squires to give it a go, I’ve been featured in the most groovy Hit and Run Magazine. Now I’m all punch-drunk proud ‘n stuff.

The link is… Mark Emr : Back Page of Bukowski on a Plane

Why not give it a go yourself? They’re calling for submissions now!


4 thoughts on “Featured in Hit and Run

  1. Cool! Congratulations. Onward and upward, your poetry is great. I used to say there was no point in submitting to journals and in these days of blogs being journals being blogs I still think that’s true. Unfortunately the rest of the world disagrees with me as usual so we are going to have to go with the flow and collect publishing credits like everyone else for now. If we all keep an eye out for cool ones like this we can gradually take over the world. Have no fear, your poetry is good enough to appear anywhere. Rage on, Mark (Noah) Emr!

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