deep reverberance [draft.1]

he laughed with deep reverberance, then spat in the dirt.
with enunciated clarity, he spoke,

i shall seek no forgiveness, for that which i have no regret.

a sense of knowing washed through me.
here i stand with the Accuser.
his wet breath was stale with contempt.
alone, with my lowest nature,
my sin, ira

the sweet smell of regret in the air was mine.
with the next blow, again, he spoke,

what you call my sin, I call my redemption.

there were no tears shed, for a third blow.


2 thoughts on “deep reverberance [draft.1]

  1. That is superb Noah. I like the high tone and the use of voices and I like the merciless nature both of the idea and its expression. Great work. You should get out and about more. Spread your work around a bit.

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