Higher place

The steam from my coffee rises across my sight, as too does the steam from the late afternoon rain on the blistered street. It’s moments like these that I wish I could etch into my memory with greater texture than I know is possible. A photograph will only remind me of the moment, never allowing the full glory of the cockatoos’ shriek, the smell of the ocean, or the sullen humidity in the air to once again enrich my senses. The realisation is bittersweet.

You sit across from me, reading. My eyes reach for you, imploring you to see what I see, hear what I hear, feel what I feel. Again, the realisation is bittersweet, as I am forlorn by the shawl you keep yourself wrapped in.  It’s as though you keep your soul wrapped in it as well. Hope follows me however, and I extend it to you.

I take solace in my existence and acknowledge that I am not alone, despite my loneliness. Love is all around, in forms neither of us knew of and are only now beginning to embrace.  I sip at my coffee once more and it’s warmth presses a smile to my lips. Imagine my surprise when at this very moment, you look up from your pages to smile at me, and with no words, acknowledge your gentle, comfortable silence of the moment. I am truly in love, and this now becomes the moment I wish I could etch into my memory.

I ask myself, what else is there to want, but to be here in this higher place.


One thought on “Higher place

  1. woah! i gasped for air reading the last part when she looked up from the pages and smiled at you.. =)

    love really is all around, it may take so many forms, but noting your circumstances, i wish you find the romantic type of one, so you’ll reach that higher place =)

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