second coming forthcoming

tonight’s orangeness bleeds
into corners where shadows keep company
with strange bedfellows. former knowing eyes
have been deceived
by hex & triplet. my light,
my litany,
my prayer for lions,
for Vader,
for techno Jehan,
is 26 miles long.

(leather strap and lover slap)

grass is a less envious but more
jealous shade
of green. passed over for a feast of friends
and deliciousness of never
another first electric taste.

close your eyes and forget
everything i said
close your eyes and eat
me, under the clothed table all the while
you touch,
your shaven (mine) milky way. Divine,
my new litany, your liturgy; don’t
stop, don’t
stop, don’t
dare to liberate for sake of fading
hope comes

(with a gush of love
drink deeply.
look into my eyes, see mine,
my waiting first
kiss, to come)


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