tremble to Her

The clarity of His image was not due so much to the detail of His form, but rather, to the overwhelming depth of the impression He left upon her.  Susan preferred to drape His image in a thick sheet and resign it to cobwebs in the cellar of her mind.  Yet, she knew that there would be no expiry to His conviction.

Susan always began to tremble at this moment.  She did not welcome Him back, and she never would.  He always came back to her, and her transformation would not take long.   Fingers curl and numb, mouth snarls and teeth grind.  Her anxiety faints and relents to His foreboding presence.  She was now only Susan by resemblance of Her former self, for there exists no name for what She has become.

What would He have Her do this time, Susan wondered, and could She continue to hide it from Daniel?


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