I’m drunk on feather fullness.
You know the kind,
where lead slinks behind your lids and it ebbs with your strings.
My iron is meek and stretches backward,
pulling my insides inside out.
Where art thou my Jekyll?
Deliver me from my wretched skull.
It’s all I can bare,
reflective stare and shivers hidden beneath sheets.
If only I’d given up.
If only I’d given up so I could revel in the chewing of my gristle,
wrestling with my own common.
Keep me in mind.


a box of glazed donuts on the floor of my pickup

how does your laissez faire? mine takes a catching
return to the swamp friend
care enough about yourself, to notice
that you’re misery able
no sentence cast too low to know
the least fortunate of God’s, children you carry
the weight of expectation, to only slighten the slide

but, if, only, i, knew [how]; don’t, shout, petal

the fifth floor falls and the game is forfeited
get yourself into the middle, and play
without care, i’ve got nothing
but doubt and emptiness
it is only the consequences of time
that determines the righteous
don’t pass what is doomed to fail you

laissez are faire, the tick tocks know no doppler


If I were to ask you frankly to meet me forever, you’d know how my intent has become certain. Tomorrow, I’d pour you gold coffee and we can sit across the shadow of the pier and drink the night as it safely closes. Kiss me Orane, and realise how welcome we can make our days.

Sit with me and listen to the stars, singing songs about mulberry wine and saved hope. Swill this tune and all the folds that blind our eyes and bind our smiles will meld into the spaces in between. Be saught after Orane, and yield to the knowing that this universe presents to your feet.

It will be as simple as nature allows and I dare. To prevent risk of superfluous ramble, this is the end. I bid you, Orane, my best hand.


bathed in constellations, dreams of times
bridges of over-colour and shine
blushings of being, connected
all of heart, flushed heat of days

you take my fibre by surest hand
walk into the framed bokeh beat
shared with eyes, an open tale
of fairies, au caurant kings, and poppins

lay back sweet lover
close your eyes, and say
yes, say you know
say you will, it’s you

as one

flow to you, sea
envelope and tumble in your light, in mist
in dew
my wet taste unique and alone, lonely by quiet side
hushing hum, furring swelling ebb and brush
across the morning still, my breath

i should pause
i will tomorrow

to see the everything
my shutter closes, heralding joy with curled lips
and the quiet, the quiet is more
drenching my insides out
beside me be, she
my terra, and toil of day each and every


a tear and trembling
lower lip, for love
for my colour -less
my passion -less

fire, my waning flame
my sinking spark,
and drowning beat,
all and sundry that is

me, with borne essentia,
rise to fall but rise
again to grasp and
hold, then wield a new

united hope, united vow,
I bet on us, on you
to breathe the same
for us, again, the true

second coming forthcoming

tonight’s orangeness bleeds
into corners where shadows keep company
with strange bedfellows. former knowing eyes
have been deceived
by hex & triplet. my light,
my litany,
my prayer for lions,
for Vader,
for techno Jehan,
is 26 miles long.

(leather strap and lover slap)

grass is a less envious but more
jealous shade
of green. passed over for a feast of friends
and deliciousness of never
another first electric taste.

close your eyes and forget
everything i said
close your eyes and eat
me, under the clothed table all the while
you touch,
your shaven (mine) milky way. Divine,
my new litany, your liturgy; don’t
stop, don’t
stop, don’t
dare to liberate for sake of fading
hope comes

(with a gush of love
drink deeply.
look into my eyes, see mine,
my waiting first
kiss, to come)

tuned yaw

Do you close your eyes when you dance?
See the music light up your blackness, hear the rhythm
in your bones and sway
or swing. Make a groove in your
self. I dance and live in the sand, like I want
to sink into you. I can feel laughter
in their mime, mixed with jealousy as green as clover.
Do your dreams tack into the breeze, stiff
and with upper lip?
Ego, ergo, will notwithstand itself, and if not
for the oh shit moment, would still
be resolved to a thorn’s highway.
Switch before it’s too late, and regret’s blister
shall waste and wilt, and wither
away. Flutter and flitter and flicker
away, to fin.

tremble to Her

The clarity of His image was not due so much to the detail of His form, but rather, to the overwhelming depth of the impression He left upon her.  Susan preferred to drape His image in a thick sheet and resign it to cobwebs in the cellar of her mind.  Yet, she knew that there would be no expiry to His conviction.

Susan always began to tremble at this moment.  She did not welcome Him back, and she never would.  He always came back to her, and her transformation would not take long.   Fingers curl and numb, mouth snarls and teeth grind.  Her anxiety faints and relents to His foreboding presence.  She was now only Susan by resemblance of Her former self, for there exists no name for what She has become.

What would He have Her do this time, Susan wondered, and could She continue to hide it from Daniel?

mercy amiss

claws dragging wakes your night
black’s weight hangs from your eyes
hear your death, calling, mocking
heart, choked beat punches your throat

fight me
dread me

wet eyes, like sores, weep
anger’s heat boils on edge
don’t take another step, don’t make another
sound, don’t make another mistake

fear me
abhor me

loathing drips from your pores
consuming all and drenching
aching bones and sinew stretched
in vain, to spite your hope

resent me
hate me

stale stank breath pervading
rough, oh so rough skin
strong, oh so strong hands
cold, oh so cold touch

Now I lay me down to sleep,


I pray the Lord my soul to keep;


Should I die before I wake,

hush little darling, don’t say a word

I pray the Lord my soul to take.

Poppa’s gonna buy you a mocking bird

Now I lay me down to sleep,

and if that mocking bird don’t sing

I pray the Lord my soul to keep;

Poppa’s gonna buy you a diamond ring

Should I die before I wake,

oh little darling, if you were mine ….

I pray the Lord my soul to take.

oh little darling, if you were mine ….

Now I lay me down to sleep,

oh little darling ….

I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

…. if you were ….

Should I die before I wake,

… mine!

married in death
bereft of choice
one faceless God
one merciless man

heaving breathless
swelling regret befits
swelling eyes and shaking
familiar raggedy doll

he’s back

platform 12

hey you
standing on your toes
waiting for the train
waiting for a special
to sudden itself
into your life

coffee whitens your breath
to the winter air
dark eyes don’t fool
i see your warmth
i see your passion
and fire
looking for a place
to call home

the train comes
and the doors close
on the whistle stop
whisks up your hair
whisks you away
and my smile is turned
and down

dissolving echos
across empty concrete
billboard walls
stripped of feeling
stripped of life
bereft of company
i sit and wait
for the 4:27

mystery girl

did I tell you how we met
in a famous day
by the forest edge?

the rain glistened on our skin
we danced
like silly children

I see her
a welcome nothing of substance
sigh across the wire
she sees me
like no-one

did I tell you how we fell
in love by chance
a simple day in Athens?

I see hurt in her
I see her looking inwards
for relief
she forgets we are friends

and I love her

mi casa su casa

can you
love me?

laid prone to flood
bared to northern storm
orange sky pounding

no dry eyes or bones
for exquisite tension
on eruption’s edge

close your eyes
and open them
into a new dream

leave it well

count my stars

(stop the drumming, Sasha)

pick up the phone

second verse
not like the first

incessant hope
experienced genies

chant and count
perverse child
rambling self interest

my bronze chest
her ashen white soft
breath pressing
slowing with night

will you
dance with me?


stop and

it’s you

luck and perspective
parts played
taken and served with reflection

comes back to the middle

seasons change in a blink
atypical breeze cools the room
scenery forgotten
by heart’s memory

everything comes

the sound of my own breath is heard above all the other rustling in the evening;  comprehend; amber flows across my tongue;    sitting on a hardwood seat to bang out and smile; light shines afresh but only serves to cast a newer shadow;  no regret

candy dances
she swaggers
and dodges around the lesson

i can’t

hearts are stars that beat life’s light
unsurpassed rhythm
my ears hold private this God’s sermon
with cracked closed eyes

with my flow
distant angel

and forget

stop and

it’s you

it’s you

versional times

sink into my soul like home
the depth surprises
warmth a comfort

drink and play many rum
then swim
in the surf
in the rain

and dance
for freedom’s fruit
on the shoulder of something

beautiful understanding
eclipse of intention
all for one breath

that will change

come sun
she rises across my fingers
deftly tracing seams

found what was new
and lost
and what should be left alone
but cannot

there is no end

untitled verse

cooled by it’s dawn
the blackness brings life
one by one and all
they disappear from my night

my essence flow is fed by beat
and a swathe of ice
breath of past freshens
and forgets the ages since

the silver flower steps
and slides the groove beside
shoulder takes a gentle welcome
gleaming inner way is now