bustling city quiet

i sit and stare in the crowded not-so silence
piece by piece, the fabric of the room is changing
dour faces
simple and forgotten, never known identity
glued eye in private worlds

distraction required to play
i cannot write here, or there
waiting a wait that we may not
know the ending of today
breathe for, to, with me

rambling feet put to stop
for rambling fingers now
muttering across the side
stifled laugh and lit faces

i will not go
i will not take on the street again
for even the quiet green
will not quell the dash and thud
of wonder if

follow me

welcome contact
wordless reply
smiles of new knowing
a second breath, for today
a new possibility

hello, i love you, won’t you tell me your name?


One thought on “bustling city quiet

  1. It was a toss up whether I commented this or the five fiction below as they would both be perfect on that music but I have plumped for this one. There is a dusty, dry element to it which is perfect, creating an expanse for the music to skip over. The smile at the end is a wonderful curve up leading the mind on. Oh, go on, it would be fab! haha.

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