the world aches a quiet moment in the shade
drink it with me
and the rain

the answer is a fallacy of the advertisement freaks
time passes without time
find your joy

every step is a dream closer to genius reality
slide into your stride
surety abounds

close your eyes my love and capture the dulcet beat
lead a blue crimson line
kiss my burn
kiss my rain, my fire
drink my desire and live my love


Old testament, New fuck

Bursting seemed fruited decadence
Slip into my smoking scintillance
Conceal nothing excepting hanging ego

Let’s dance

Pierced freedom cares for self
Loosed and let go remembered young
Smile for nothing and everything everything
Skyscraper memories pumping pumping
Living for beer and tomato and own sake
All’s counting and lost in Osaka
Late night jump and lost in eleven

I’m in the market

Yessing to yesterday’s norms
Recognise this drunk dunk
Except now I can wear white
Now I run and now I fuck and now
Heard is learned and not awaitened
Wear this skin tight skinned flight
I can see you from there

Bite down hard

Fleeting crazy lasts and lingers
Questions meld into and across
Lucifer may it seem I welcome
Naught but laughter ignorants
What’s almost slipped and nippled
Taken back and bolted hammer
But for ticking timed of rightness

Look at me swim

Re-offered the date desire
Copper not a fool of Silver
Thumbed ring of marathonic

The Band Plays, Waltzing Bella

Where am I?
On the other side of the loop
How did I get here?
You ran for your life
Did I save my life?
Only for a life time

What if I never trusted?
The way that the colours contrive and conspire never cease to amaze
I was told once that life lies, in between sanity and irrationality
I know that cicadas will sing

My hips will get you, get you,
get you when the lights are dim and the band stops playing

Get you.

If I knew, I’d tell you

I welcome all types of your weather. You know the reason.
Why do you read if you cannot?
The A team is membered by many an angel.
The only choice left, tonight, is to view the lightning.
I eat from the vine every time.
I pluck all the red I see, and you’ll drink the juice I pour.
Would you have a small cock? Need I ask, little woman? Little man.
Pity is not held, only hidden. Take solace in my atypical subtlety.

Regret me this;  doubt and offset faces, many.
I really should know the way, I want you.
You. Yes, you. But what do I know.
Won’t somebody please just really know?
Just really. I’ll be nice, and make you shake.
Make you be, what we can.
Write, me.

Write me.

tell tales of black

blood’s friction heats my eyes
locked on your central throbbing
all but flesh, avails none
but my pleasure of its forsaking

i waste you bitch

raggedy doll, strewn dirty aside
crimson stained wretched sheets
boards and cunts nailed cold
tied with tender love

wake up for wet

toes will curl and moans will echo
with want or spite, pleasure or pain
scream my name and rip my skin
with more or less, all or none

you sleep and choose

scarring blackness sheets memory
soon to have with release
good girls tell tales asleep
bad girls tell tales to death


I sit, soft and warm, woollen head and resting
Seven sits opposite, writing and enthused, she glows
Softly strong light, filters through the room
Clothed now, my love passes, but memory of breast beats by
Rain blows and swirls in night’s repelled collapse
And here, in her compelling shelter, I swim
One’s world in all glory’s familiar

the next bit

i stare down the corridor that my life has become
the walls are glazed glass
a mirror and window to both, a better world
on the outside or in
a mirage is the problem, i cannot tell nor dare to test
what lies outside is tantalising and green
there for the taking, if only
if only
you knew a safety, taught to keep

i can’t see my glass
but i know what’s inside, it’s swilling in ice
i dip my finger in and chills
run and course around as my whisky mix and sours
it’s been too long my post office friend
too long since blisters in black boots bounced in tune
i miss the smokey damp morning wash

i was a contender
i was on a list, of lovers and fighters, and could hold
my own
now thumbs wrestle my existence
they’ve defined me in suffocated compromise
i’d forgotten who i wanted to be
i’d forgotten who i even was, who i am
but for naive choices, i’d have been me

take solace in that the day is longer than ever
take comfort in that each night brings a dew
this hangover will end and when it does you will be awake like never before
a third of the time until light
averted for now
stock taken, secrets nestled in another state, us both
i am riding my own storm, but drenched by another
i welcome the danger
i dare the pain to take control and strike me down
i want the healing that comes and comes, and come with me


i am new
i am not constrained, held over
i am taking back, to the front
i have a firm hold of this commitment
to the doppelganger
to control’s grip, vice is led

not any society shall determine what tricks shall be borne over
the answer is no, but i need another drink
the answer is always there, even when the question is not
question’s not required, for the answer is always
forgive me, me
forgiveness can be more on palate than permission

take in the warmth this year brings
for i am truly my own keeper, in good will
and i’m a little bit scared


standing by
barbaric mistresses with furred cloaks
cavernous musk
divine damp
back lit black
choking back
shotgun eyes penetrate
welcome drawing nearer
concealed talon tips
kite wings
cut nipples picture black

combine confine me
out of reach
slapped welt candy skin
licked red cool
wet on wet
bitten young neck
pierced lips
wrapped fingers

bustling city quiet

i sit and stare in the crowded not-so silence
piece by piece, the fabric of the room is changing
dour faces
simple and forgotten, never known identity
glued eye in private worlds

distraction required to play
i cannot write here, or there
waiting a wait that we may not
know the ending of today
breathe for, to, with me

rambling feet put to stop
for rambling fingers now
muttering across the side
stifled laugh and lit faces

i will not go
i will not take on the street again
for even the quiet green
will not quell the dash and thud
of wonder if

follow me

welcome contact
wordless reply
smiles of new knowing
a second breath, for today
a new possibility

hello, i love you, won’t you tell me your name?