life cult

i say yes to distraction, and a pinch of lost
control, forsaken
the ghost gang will not protect me from
the devil, You
i see kaleidoscope of dull tiled colour and
am filled with wonder, why
why please
be many when i can be
one, of none true
varietous fervor surrounds my waking hour
sleep is silent, drift is heaven

what is hope when i doubt my own doubt
plunged into
a conscious swollen existence
once confused, now

let’s start a religion

dire faces clash
with dour mouths, smug with sickness consumption
striving for what isn’t there
a warning of laughter, mustered
wasn’t enough
(cut me, just one more line)
snorting sugar with deficit
ribs heave in tune, did you really think
nothing is downhill, all the way

to stop one insanity at a time
is insanity, yet
i’m too often warmed, by comfort
victim blanket, not alone
furious with helplessness
must be
a willing slave


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