alone she cries

humped over this patterned stair
slightness forgetting rambling where once there was none
i too blend into the grasp of the devil
doubt is a Satan that twists light through my lens, bokeh hidden softness denied

steel coldly goes where never before wielding sword goes, alas
blood turns to ice in air, falling, shatters on stones grey matt
she asks me, pleading

forget me
forgive me
forgo me
but never stop loving me

i close my eyes and the night is darker than black, there is no light spear
no whirl of peace
torturous facial blanket is wet with sweat, pores gouged and weeping


crushing vice, skin stretches to point
stretches over nails and greed feeds on stale
damp dank mouldy wine sour sharpens tongues bud
flicker bud

taken aside, inside, penetrate like a stallion on the cobblestones, slide
death comes
death comes
death is coming
outside your door
inside your home
inside your soul
inside your cunt
death is coming, death is coming, death is coming
draw depth breath and HOLD


down to the ground, exhales the stench of twelve years of regret
down to the grave, exhales the pain of twelve years of mistake
down to the grave, exhales
with your ear down, silent, whisper to the worms

i’m coming
i’m coming
i’m waiting for you here, outside

alone she cries, waiting for me, waiting for this, waiting for the never story ending
a feast to giants, a friend to the foe, a famine to the family

alone she cries
waiting, wanting, for my return
bitten and sunken
bitter and sunken, drunken

i’m dead to you
i’m dead to you
alone she cries, i’m coming


4 thoughts on “alone she cries

  1. thanks to you both. i was a bit unsure about how this post might be received, since it’s not all nice and lovey. so, thanks so much for your comments. cheers.
    — Noah

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