I’m coming for you
I’ll steal you
kidnap you
lock you inside
in my room, handcuffed
and blindfolded

I’ll do all sorts
of wicked things to you
I’ll teach you things
what it’s like to be
by a man, by me

I’ll allow you to speak
to tell me
what you desire
what you want me
to do
to you, and you
to me

fuck me

I spank you, pull
your hair, bite
your breast
as you wish
as you’ve told me
this day

I will untie you, unbind you
so we can be free
and leave the hotel
for romantic midnight strolls
morning coffee
and naked dancing
beneath the thunderstorm

the rest of our time
we make love
tender, gentle
feel my weight over and
overwhelm you

sit on my lap, you
kiss my lips
we are
in love

I’m coming for you


4 thoughts on “Kidnap

  1. An attractive invitation…
    Yet, don’t blame me for directly stepping over, from the 19th floor to the 21th. You know what I’m thinking about… ;>)
    Keep on your good writing.

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