Rollercoaster riding by a strange girl
the front seat, with all ahead
we looked at each other and smiled
with anticipation
something known
she had purple flowers in her hair
clack clack clack
up up and away from the world
into the clouds
look at the view, look at the view
look at the view, next to me
there is joy in her
there is joy in me
does she see, does she see
does she even notice me?
her eyes lit up with fear and lust
her smile shone bright with laughter and delight
her soul cried out with life and living
she sighed, squealed, and I fell
in love
and this ride, fast, furious, delicious then

she climbed off without a word
I should have said
but then, in a moment, she turned back to me and said
“ride again?”


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