New sun

Today, a new sun rose on my horizon. With it, I dare a new and different sunset. We know not what lies around the corner, not even what is across the camber. I felt the heat of this sun before dawn, and if dusk comes before this story ends, I’ll feel the glow long after. But for now, it is still morning, and it is glorious and pure. It is spring and the earth sings in tune with our hearts. Hold my hand princess, hold me tightly, and I’ll show you my world. My laugh for your swoon, our magic.


One thought on “New sun

  1. ;>) Your text is amour. Lightly it brings us on the edge of a line, that separates light from dark. And so its sound balancing round the core.
    “Swoon”, what a word! I’ll probably soon borrow it to you. ;>)
    Thank you.

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