Twinkled spice, and all things nice

A vision of new
of spice and fresh skin
a reach of step
dared, fanciful imaginings

Poetic pages flipped
restful and natural
smile broken open
gem of many gems

Think not of these
other poorly half truths
for hearts pondering
across many skies

A casual glance
in quiet coffee houses
alone with a new
fascinating stranger

Nervous glimmers
of hope and testing
childlike new days
virginal new nights

The city lights bright
can’t dull night’s beam
or your eyes in my eyes
this late twinkling coat

Morning due and dew
on windscreen cool
skin bared and goosed
from slept passion left

I wake up, as you
You wake up, from me
We wink at horizon’s
pensive lost chance


One thought on “Twinkled spice, and all things nice

  1. Time’s walking silently inside, outside. Dualities espouse each other. Beautiful loving poem. Thank you Noah.

    There certainly is duality here… my mind was in many places when I wrote this. Thank you Mae
    — Noah

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