message in a bottle

take me, take me, take me
my minds like poison
swollen with knots, numb with adrenaline

take all of me. i am what your mind sees. more than you can imagine and have, less than you fear. regrets are not an option tomorrow, only today. opportunities are lost if not taken.

luck plays no part. i see you watching me, watching you. knowing silence in crowded theatre, a public secret. what will robin say?

yes is my answer, never mind the question. just ask it. you dare yourself. astute is our institute, you don’t feel you could love me but i feel you could zydeco. you should know by now that honesty is the only virtue. i’m a billionaire baby.

you’re the left handed mother fucking genius in the world of me, axe strung right way round. is that for me? yes. is that for me? oh yes.

sometimes all there is, is all there is. it’s not complicated, only what we make of it. let it be, let it be. there is no try.

…fuck me…


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