An unusually cool summer night

Lightning rolls across closed eyelids.
Summer sweat and languid radio buzz.
The gangs in this town are hunting, hunting me down.
My girls are eating pie, loganberries stick to their pretty cheeks.
I wait for a sign, amazing and patient.

Do you know the true meaning of doubt?
When strange men in black coats ride the dawn.
Echos in church halls and cobblestone streets.
Angels fear to fly, walk beside drunk prostitutes.
Wild dogs at my door, all named Desire.
Wanting envelopes us all.

Falsetto laughter wedges between moments.
Know your fears, relentless and sleep hindered.
Smiles hide anguish, and more, at any hour.
Strangers at funerals fight to beat the morning rush.
Deny truth at the pier and resentment blooms.
My love, my love, I am here, my love.



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