Liberate me, floating

Write me, with sympathy
A quiet side, racing down
Morals unwavering
In questioning times

Knowing you, respect for me
Matching wielder, ink a blue
Assumed clever genuine care
Two edged honesty always

Direction is common
Despite sight and surface
More adventurous endings
Laid rest and line drawn

Pity is ugly on one’s self
Worse worn as a mask
Paramount, quality of life
No expansion, strengthened niche

Read me, all thoughts of hand
There is none, no happily
Ever after scenario
Accept this and be liberated

This situation is a dangerous
One to reason and rationalise
Be thankful for much, more
Is not more, is not much

I care, and with warts and all, I love and cherish, I feel, and despite all conflict, I desire and want

More, or less fleeting, or less, or more fleeting, the pieces, floating, floating with pieces

Charaded journal reborn


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