Charge warning

Snake rattle hissing, spitting rain on the hot road,
Wake startled from nothing, swollen lids feel leaden,
All around me thud

Burning for you, my rum rubbed open and fresh,
Gravity and more reversed, up is the new black,
Conscious -ness is fragment -ed

Twice doubles over singles, remedial daily dues,
Engaged fleeting by micro, sleep is for the morbid,
Fuck why, the fuck not

Slapping self more, or less, and less shared,
Dragging final frame from feathers to cleanse,
What am I, doing or not?

By the way, yes

Languid existence by day, lascivious by night,
Tread by, step in deliberate time and motion,
Crack a craic

Stretched and reaching for the inner rain,
Seven deadly skins, seven ways to grin,
Break out the luck

Smith me against the grain, rolling eye storm,
High on pain, threshold numbed from pressure,
Stage smiles off the hip

Two then one for one

It’s all there is
I’m all out
back to dream


One thought on “Charge warning

  1. This is beautiful. Even more so as I can relate. And deep. Like you have to reread it more than other poems to get it.

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