I stretch to reach the stars
the heavens
the mountain peaks, and
church spires

to start the day
to charge my spine
to search for more
to lick my wound

my friends and loves
you stretch my mind
you stretch my shine
my skin

stretch out and over
around and round
flail and flap and jump
and laugh
with joy and pure childlike laughter
free and loose
released from mindfulness

oh joy this day, and all others
with me, us
we are together



I’m coming for you
I’ll steal you
kidnap you
lock you inside
in my room, handcuffed
and blindfolded

I’ll do all sorts
of wicked things to you
I’ll teach you things
what it’s like to be
by a man, by me

I’ll allow you to speak
to tell me
what you desire
what you want me
to do
to you, and you
to me

fuck me

I spank you, pull
your hair, bite
your breast
as you wish
as you’ve told me
this day

I will untie you, unbind you
so we can be free
and leave the hotel
for romantic midnight strolls
morning coffee
and naked dancing
beneath the thunderstorm

the rest of our time
we make love
tender, gentle
feel my weight over and
overwhelm you

sit on my lap, you
kiss my lips
we are
in love

I’m coming for you


Rollercoaster riding by a strange girl
the front seat, with all ahead
we looked at each other and smiled
with anticipation
something known
she had purple flowers in her hair
clack clack clack
up up and away from the world
into the clouds
look at the view, look at the view
look at the view, next to me
there is joy in her
there is joy in me
does she see, does she see
does she even notice me?
her eyes lit up with fear and lust
her smile shone bright with laughter and delight
her soul cried out with life and living
she sighed, squealed, and I fell
in love
and this ride, fast, furious, delicious then

she climbed off without a word
I should have said
but then, in a moment, she turned back to me and said
“ride again?”

Lips lubricated

We spoke truths
confessions given
in pairs
and butterfly wings
fly on them
with courage
come to me
I come to you

Lips lubricated
flowing heart full
and overflowing
drawn towards
like another age
but like no other

a beginning defined
in thoughts in
our minds
held close like a secret
when unveiled
to each other brings
a tear

and now
more to indulge
as shapes form
and crazy nerves

One day

One day
I’ll run away
One day
I’ll write that book
One day
I’m swim an ocean
One day

Hold on
To what you dream
Hold on
To what you have
Hold on
Fight for belief
Hold on

Dare to
Live your life
Dare to
Sing out loud
Dare to
Dance in the rain
Dare to

Take time
To laugh with children
Take time
To plant a garden
Take time
To sleep under moonlight
Take time

One day
I’ll hold on
One day
I’ll dare to
One day
I’ll take time
One day

me, a changeling

a changeling

Green from blood red
wake from sickness slumber
time to spend
some time, alive
like I’ve never known

Staring rancid
life’s death in the eyes
always bet on black
sweeping me, sweep out
the dust and trash
of the shorter, blinded me

Torn edges, sanded smooth
shaved back, trimmed neat
pumped up to please
I’m reborn, or simply

don’t change a thing
you’re perfect
as you

New sun

Today, a new sun rose on my horizon. With it, I dare a new and different sunset. We know not what lies around the corner, not even what is across the camber. I felt the heat of this sun before dawn, and if dusk comes before this story ends, I’ll feel the glow long after. But for now, it is still morning, and it is glorious and pure. It is spring and the earth sings in tune with our hearts. Hold my hand princess, hold me tightly, and I’ll show you my world. My laugh for your swoon, our magic.

Twinkled spice, and all things nice

A vision of new
of spice and fresh skin
a reach of step
dared, fanciful imaginings

Poetic pages flipped
restful and natural
smile broken open
gem of many gems

Think not of these
other poorly half truths
for hearts pondering
across many skies

A casual glance
in quiet coffee houses
alone with a new
fascinating stranger

Nervous glimmers
of hope and testing
childlike new days
virginal new nights

The city lights bright
can’t dull night’s beam
or your eyes in my eyes
this late twinkling coat

Morning due and dew
on windscreen cool
skin bared and goosed
from slept passion left

I wake up, as you
You wake up, from me
We wink at horizon’s
pensive lost chance

Your riddle

What words to describe
this news, this riddle in tale?
Spinning, I’m thrown
out of known, out of comfort
into this place
where thudding beats
of anxious greets me
where never thoughts
become not-nevers

What is this love
Free my intrigue
Smack my crazy mind
and put to rest
what I dare to not
now even think
To ponder a truth
of drunken nerve
my jealously not

How I know I love you


Last Saturday, while we sat waiting for the movie to begin, you asked me if I loved you. Of course, I was my charming self and told you I did. Then you asked me why. I stammered and stuttered and gave you some standard answers, that only a boy could muster. You seemed happy enough with what I said, and that was that.

Over the past week however, your question has echoed in my head, over and over. Did I answer how I truly feel? Were these the real reasons that I love you? While I’ve now decided that yes, everything I did say was true, there is more to say. Not to the question of why I love you, but rather, to the question of how I know that I love you. This might better explain how I feel about you, the depth of my love.

I care about you. I actually want to know how you are, and am concerned for you when you are down. I’m happy when you’re happy, sad when you’re sad. I want to make things better when you’re hurt, and help you up when you fall.

I’m interested in your day. How your classes were, who you met up with for lunch and what you and your friends are planning for the weekend. Why you bought those new shoes and why Mrs Harris is a bitch.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the sex. Love it! But it’s not all I think about. When I wake in the morning and think of you, I wonder if you dreamt of me. When I’m running by the lake, I think how great it would be if you were running beside me. When I eat my breakfast, I’m thinking that you’ll already be at work, making lattes for people on their way to work. (I know how you hate getting up early to work). And when I’m in my studio, I wonder if you’re about to fall asleep in class.

Does this explain it? This is how I know I love you Cherie. My thoughts of you are pure and honest, sincere and innocent, natural and intimate. I wanted to share these thoughts with you. I wanted you to know how deeply this love is planted within me.

See you tonight.

yours totally,

P.S.  Stop by the studio before dinner, I have a surprise.

Be stronger love

I dig in my heels
these days
went by so fast
hours remain
I want to stay here
warm in your gaze
held by your lust

Tonight may not
be the same
but it will mean no less
to my heart
your heart
our fire burns stronger
than ever

Swill your wine
bathe your lips
in streams of
ecstasy for you and me
and write a line
and flow yourself
be free