My secret

Lids heavy, lips dry
Turmoil embracing me
A cycle of stanzas
Played out by amateurs
Fainting touches past
Welling soul afar

Wait there

I cannot say what’s late
Starting half way under
Helped to transition
Thirty seven eons
Passed to pass forever
Silver is not subordinate

Dispel thought

Letters in for life
Clutching for chances
Reaching for ghosts
Children doorway greeting
Time is integral yet
Immorality free

Cultivate hope

Dawn brings nothing
New directions
Season sons of God
In Her name I weep
For risk is thought
Less than normally known

Say my name

Linked by all manner
Sewn by all else
Stolen beauty small
Things shared belong
Whatever comes along
My way, your way now

Hold my hand

Niches carved in ivory
Welcome turning day
Licks of sun asleep
Cloudless rain falls
Fished with news
Grassing bed to lay

Missing you

Walking winds and
Dulcet tones
Winter warmth beside
Languid scarlet plums
Crystal clear desire
Filling hearts with due

Real love


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