Rosemary and confident self-assurance

My chest is bursting
ego low and dragging
pressure rising, out and out
hot, green and prickly

Trembling digits closing ranks
shaking inside, leaking out
trust a virtue fading backwards
grumble grumble grumpy fucker

Fight back, punch through
the other side awaits you, me
nervous prick, toughen up
laugh receipt imagined still

Breathe with your mind an effort
distract with intent and purpose
rationalise your aptitude, and then
show them how you wield pineapple

(what the fuck, never mind!)

Go forth and be the what you can and
should and will and always know and
never never never never never nev
er never give anything away or up

Wry wrapped smiled, inkling hidden
meaning lost in translated prose
never mind the bollocks, it’s mine
I suppose somethymes, sometimes…..


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