Life’s highway lanes

Clover cushions, lovers loft
China white and cotton soft
Virgin blushes, concubine
Wrapped in ruby, opal mine

Night collapsing, pillow turn
Demon haunt me, taunting burn
Red light nightmare, blanket heap
Unplug wire, final sleep

Drunk on jazz, smokey dusk
Timbres flowing, sex and musk
Liquorice bloody, blended wine
Hair with violets, fertile vine

Blunt wit slashes, etches mind
White hair madden, almost blind
Free flow writing, nib of blue
Pages naked, fresh and new

Salty river, dusty dry
Blue sky backdrop, eagles fly
Storm aroma, rolling in
Eyelids closing, light within


2 thoughts on “Life’s highway lanes

  1. I stumbled onto this post via a search on poetry … hope you don’t mind me commenting … beautiful imagery in your writing … stunning.

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